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Website Redesign: How Much Does It Cost?

How much does a website redesign cost? Depending on what you need, it could cost as much as designing a whole new website, from scratch. For small – medium online businesses, these website redesign costs may be a problem. DigitPAW Inc. redesigns websites at affordable prices, and still provides you with all the functionality, professionalism, and attractiveness your website needs.

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Do You Need to Redesign Your Website?

The Internet evolves literally every day, changing and becoming even better. Because of this, websites can get out of date, needing new features to make it run properly and keep visitors coming for a look. If you have a website that you feel needs an upgrade, you should redesign your website, and DigitPAW Inc. can do this for you, no matter what your budget is.

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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website

All businesses need websites. If, for some reason, your restaurant doesn’t have a website, you should create one for it. A website for your restaurant creates new opportunities for growth and more business, and DigitPAW Inc. is uniquely placed to help you with your website if you are on a budget.

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Our wordpress web design services include

Responsive website design

E-commerce website design

Search engine optimization (seo)

WordPress Mainenance

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Backups & Restore


Got a message you need to get out? How about wrapping it onto a car, van or truck? Or better yet, a bus? Let the vehicle deliver your message all over.  From print to installation, vehicle graphics can be completed entirely in-house by our own team of professionals.

What our customers are saying

New Website and Webstore Testimonial

We received tremendous positive feedback from our customers on design and functionality of our new website. Traffic and response frequency improved immediately.

With our subsequently added web store we could take advantage of this measurably increasing interest and started selling our products online.

We received competent advice and experienced fast and professional service. DigitPAW Inc helped us to realize our goals in a very effective and time saving manner.

Thank you.

Helmut Forsthuber

Catering Manager, Bon-Appetit

Website re-design

The feedback on my new site has been wonderful, I couldn’t be happier!  Christian and his team were great to work with and delivered exactly what they promised – a professional website at a great price.  I would not hesitate to recommend DigitPAW to anyone needing a new website.  Thanks again!

Kevin Staigh

Owner, Halo Power Solutions

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