Talking about offline marketing campaigns, another way you can integrate your online marketing strategy with the offline campaign is by making use of commercial printing to make printed graphics, such as can be placed on vehicles to be driven around, creating awareness for your brand.

Can’t you use your laser jet HP office printer for that, you may ask? Well, you could, if it can produce a large enough picture that can cover the body of a bus, and in high-definition too. But it can’t. You need high-quality commercial printing done by professionals, who have the right equipment and the know-how, which would be of great benefit to your small or medium online business. And, what’s more, DigitPAW Inc. now offers commercial printing services to its small and medium businesses clients!

What is Commercial Printing?

Commercial printing is simply artwork that is transferred on to paper from a computer, usually with the aim of using this printed artwork for marketing purposes. Commercial printing is used to create a host of products, including flyers, banners, brochures, and vehicle graphics.

Why Use Commercial Printing?


There are certain benefits to gain from using commercial printing services, such as:

The Quality: Professional printing gives you high-quality graphics that show your brand in a professional light. It is important to do some checks into the commercial printing company you want to use, and find out their equipment, practices and their eco-friendly status before deciding to work with them.

Their Professional Expertise: Commercial printing services can provide valuable information on the design, layout, color, and other elements of your graphic. 

Cheaper Rates: It costs less work with a commercial printing company, as they benefit from economies of scale. You can get a lot of graphics printed a lower rates than doing it yourself.

It Frees Up Resources for You: Outsourcing to commercial printing companies reduces the amount of time, money, and labor that you would have spent doing your printing in house.

DigitPAW Inc. Offers Printing Services

At DigitPAW Inc., we now offer printing services to small and medium business owners. We make vehicle graphics for any size of vehicle, from cars to buses, and we do everything from printing to the installation. All our printing is done in house by our own team of professional commercial printers, and you can contact us at to tell us what you want done, and you can also visit our website at for more information on our affordable and professional services.


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