Though used interchangeably, web design and web development are two different terms. They have been used to mean the same thing for so long that the two have been combined to become the term ‘web companies’. Of course, there are web companies that employ skilled web designers and web developers, but it is important to know that they refer to different things.

Web Design: What it Is

Web design is concerned with how a website looks, and how well it can be used. Web designers use programs such as Photoshop to create web layouts and other graphical aspects of a website.

There are several design principles that are used in web design that are used to create the attractive layouts that allow users to use them effectively. These principles include:

Contrast –web design employs the contrast of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to draw attention to particular aspects of a website.

Balance – web designers need to balance large and small, light and dark, so as to get a perfectly balanced web design.

Unity – the relationship between each and every part of the web layout.

Emphasis – in web design, this refers to the highlighting, or emphasizing, of certain, important parts of the website layout.

Consistency – vital to web design, consistency allows for the smooth navigation of a website.

Web Development: What It Is

Web development is concerned with turning the web design into a fully functional website. Web developers, also called programmers, use programming languages like HTML and Javascript to give the designs life.

More advanced web development involves the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress to simplify web development so that users can maintain and update their websites with ease. Web development also comprises the use of interactive elements such as content sliders and active statistics for links that turn a dormant website into and active, dynamic website.

What Do YOU Need: Web Design or Web Development?

For online businesses, especially small and medium ones, that need to design or redesign their websites, it may be a little confusing to know who to pick for what. DigitPAW Inc. can help with that problem, as we have web design and web development solutions for our clients, all at affordable prices. Check out to see our portfolio and what we offer to our small and medium online business clients. You can also contact us at for a free quote, where you can tell us exactly what you need and we will see how best we can serve you.

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