There are several reasons small-medium businesses may need to redesign their website. It could be that their brand has grown and changed, and these developments need to be reflected in the website. Or it could be that there are new web technologies and features that you need to integrate with your website, phasing out the existing software for a better web experience. Or you need the redesign your website’s functions and design so as to keep up with the competition. However, depending on what you want done, a website redesign may cost you a pretty penny. At DigitPAW Inc., we focus on providing functional, responsive, and attractive websites at affordable prices. Our prices are affordable because we are intent on helping small – medium online businesses make the most out of their online brands in every way they wish to, so we make our rates to fit their budgets.

There are many web developers and designers out there that handle website redesigns for small – medium online businesses, but you might encounter one big problem with some of them.

Website Redesign: Benefits

There are great benefits to reap from a website redesign. With a website redesign you can improve your brand and style; take advantage of newer and better web features, and keep up with the competition by getting more traffic and making more sales.

Website Redesign: Challenges

  • The web developer or designer you may currently be working with might not be giving you value for your money. They may not be providing you with the latest software and web features that you need. It is important to work with a web designer that you trust.
  • Your website’s current SEO ranking may be lost, as redesigning a website may involve changing the names of pages.
  • The cost of a website redesign may be above your budget.

Website Redesign: Costs

Some web developers or designers use a fixed-bid method, which gives you time estimates for each task they may need to perform, and how much they charge per hour. So, your website redesign may involve sourcing for free images, changing some graphics, increasing the number of pages, or some program management. The breakdown may tell you that each task will need from 2 – 8 hours, with a total of 20 hours at $130 an hour. Your cost would be $3600. Some redesigns could cost up to $15000, and, if the cost is above your budget, you may be advised to get a free template and have it redesigned to your tastes.

When you visit, you will see our prices and what services they cover. If you don’t see what you need, you can contact us at to tell us what you want and get a free quote. No need to redesign a free template when we can redesign your website at a cost that fits within your budget, and still provide you with exactly what you need for your website.

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